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Children's yoga classes

5-9 year olds  4.30pm Mondays

10-16 year olds 4.30pm Wednesdays

If you would like further details please contact:-

Laura     07905 504 818                     l.hopson2@virginmedia.com



Our Children's Yoga Teacher Laura is a fully qualified & experienced teacher, and is accredited with Yoga Alliance.

Both age groups are taught yoga breathing, postures and relaxations each week at an age appropriate level.

Amongst other things, our classes provide opportunities for students to develop physical strength and flexibility, ease allergies and complaints such as asthma, reduce hyperactivity and anger, increase self confidence and self esteem and improve focus and concentration enhancing their capacity to learn.

Classes are fun but focused.  Students are encouraged to fully engage with their session, concentrating throughout, calmly working at their own pace without competition.  The students are also encouraged to practice the skills they learn, during their sessions, throughout their daily lives to support them academically and emotionally.







Comments from some of our children and their parents....


Practising yoga on a regular basis has helped me on a number of levels, such as the ability to concentrate, controlling my breathing as a measure of lowering stress levels as well as the increased strength the physical practise has given me.
After practising yoga on a regular basis for quite some time now, I feel more balanced physically as well as mentally.  The yoga definitely helps with that.

Tom, Aged 14



“Yoga is relaxing and calming. I really enjoy it.”

– Flora, Aged 10


"Both the girls have thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Grishma came home went straight into the study, closed the door and finished her maths homework in 10 minutes without a single mistake!! We both believe that Yoga has given her the focus and determination" 

Usha, mum of Grishma aged 11



“Yoga has definitely helped me to stop stressing so much. It is fun and relaxing.”

Daisy, Aged 12


"Pranavi is revising for her AS level exams in May.  She came back very happy after her class and said she felt refreshed. So we are very grateful to the holiday lessons"

Usha, mum of Pranavi aged 16



“My 11 year old daughter Megan started yoga classes with Laura one year ago and she loves them!   At first she was nervous but after a short time in the class she felt very relaxed and loved it.  Megan thinks that Laura is very kind, has a nice voice and is very bendy!  Thank you Laura for introducing Megan to a really positive thing.”

Louise, mum to two children



“In this busy world they find themselves in, Laura offers a haven in which children and young people can find peace and calm, yet have fun at the same time. The session is well-structured but relaxed and Laura is always encouraging. I am so pleased to have been able to introduce my children to Laura's classes.”

Sonia, mum to two children



"My children initially started doing yoga at school. I was surprised and delighted by their enthusiasm. They were all very keen to do more out of school, so I took them to the Saraswati Yoga Studio as I liked the fact it was a specific yoga studio. Laura, who is the teacher for all my children is so kind, incredibly gentle and her patience astounds me (I'd love to have some of her patience!). They all absolutely love yoga at the studio. They love showing me all the poses they can do. I'm over the moon as I really feel doing yoga from a young age will help keep the body supple and pain free as they grow older; especially so for my son who does so many other sports. The cost of each class is also so reasonable. Many other classes charge so much more, and I wouldn't therefore be able to send all 3 children every week. I can't fault anything with the Saraswati Yoga Studio, Laura or the cost. I'm so happy my children attend and love it as much as they do." 

Lucy, Mum to 3 children



“My 7 year old son Miles didn't know what Yoga was until his first class.  His favourite thing is lion’s breath and the quiet time.  He is more flexible than he thought and can't wait for the next school holiday to do it again. Thank you Laura for being a great teacher!!”

Louise mum to two children



"I love yoga because it helps with the other sports I do (football, rugby. cricket) by strengthening up my body. It also helps me get to sleep at night." 

Tom, age 9



"I like yoga because it calms me down when I'm angry, and it's peaceful in the studio. I've always loved learning new poses and postures and I have gained strength from some of them. I really liked the way you relax and go into your own little world."

Eve, age 9



"I love yoga because we do Lion Breath and Triangle pose. Lion breath it makes you not angry and it's really funny because you stick out your tongue! And Triangle pose because you get to bend sideways and I like bending sideways! You get to relax at the end. Laura is a really nice teacher. It's good for 6 year olds to do because they will get really healthy!"

Cecelia, age 6