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"Saraswati is a registered SYT teacher with Yoga Alliance UK.

Welcome to the

Saraswati Yoga Studio

in Sutton London

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We hope you will find your journey into yoga to be an enjoyable and fruitful one that will lead to a more healthy, energetic and peaceful way of life

 Featured Postures







 Camel Pose…Ustrasana 

Practising Camel pose stretches and strengthens your thighs, abdomen, chest and throat. It also strengthens back muscles and improves posture. It is a challenging pose that many people find quite demanding. If you suffer from back or neck problems, or are pregnant practise stage one only. If you have knee problems, you could place a folded blanket under your legs. If you find the pose gets too demanding come back into child’s pose and rest while breathing deeply.






 Hello, I hope you are well. 


Please see the 'classes' page for spaces available  

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 Some of our teachers are offering online classes.

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For Children's & Teenage online classes  please contact Laura on 07905 504 818